Alexis Hinde


Alexis Hinde

Alexis Hinde is an Assistant Business Agent with the Directors Guild of Canada, British Columbia. She publishes a bi-weekly column entitled Debunking Collective Agreement Myths with Alexis Hinde for the DGC BC's Newsletter to Members and can be seen out on set visits. If you see her, make sure to say hello!

Debunking Collective Agreement Myths: Promulgated

From time to time you may notice a show on our production list with the word "promulgated" in its listing. What does that mean? Promulgation, according to this online legal dictionary, means:

the order given to cause a law to be executed, and to make it public it differs from publication. 

While we're not using "promulgated" in a legal context on our production list, it is our way of letting the Membership know that the production "differs from publication" - as in the terms of our full Collective Agreement.

Sometimes, for a variety of reasons, we want to work with productions that have budgets considerably lower than what we would sign to the DGC BC agreement. Maybe it's a Member's passion project or they want to hire a DGC Director. Maybe they want access to our skilled Membership. Or perhaps they're new producers we haven't worked with before and want to bring them into the tent, so to speak, but their budget doesn't make it possible to commit to our full Collective Agreement.

So we sign them to a Promulgated Agreement. This is a condensed 3-4 page document outlining working conditions; discounted rates of pay, contributions to Health and Welfare, and Pension amounts. This allows them to get their project made while contributing to our benefits plans, and gives our Members an opportunity to get experience in a higher category, while also preserving the Members' protection under the union.


Because of its unique circumstances, the shorter promulgated agreement doesn't include the permitting language found in our full Collective Agreement, so permits may be granted automatically.


Yes! You can work on any production that appears on our production list, any time. If you're approached by a non-union/low-budget show, let us know so we can reach out to them. Depending on their budget, there's a chance we can sign them to a promulgated agreement and have your days count towards membership or upgrade requirements.

Speaking of the Collective Agreement, you all know the new contract has, as of this week, been finalized and uploaded to our website. Right?

Let me know if you have any questions!