You may have noticed that the DGC BC Executive Board recently made some significant changes and additions to Training Policies in terms of mandatory course requirements, upgrade exams, and policies regarding missed course days. At the DGC BC we take training very seriously. Setting standards of excellence and endorsing our Members abilities are among the most important aspects of what our organization can do to maintain and strengthen our local industry. 

When a Member achieves an upgrade the DGC BC, as their representing Union, and each of us as individual Board Members, must be able to stand by the skills that person brings to their job site daily. It is with this at heart that we have strengthened and modernized our polices around the Member education that we provide.

As these policies and new courses and training initiatives are implemented we will look to our Members for your feedback on all aspects of our training program. You will receive a course evaluation via survey monkey following any training that you attend. Please take a few minutes to send in your thoughts so that we can ensure that our training is responsive to your needs moving forward. Comments and data are gathered anonymously and may be shared with the instructors for their advancement as well.

We hope that each of our Members will appreciate and garner the benefit of this robust approach to training and we wish you all the very best in your career path.

For a full list of Training Policy Changes, please click here.


Allan Harmon
Catherine Kretz
Philip Nee Nee
AD Caucus Representative
Matthew Chipera
1st Vice-Chair
Zach Lipovsky
Directors Caucus Representative
Jina Johnson
Locations Caucus Representative
Rachel Leiterman
2nd Vice-Chair
Colleen Mitchell
PM Caucus Representative
Jennifer Erin Vaughan
PA Caucus Representative