Joining as a Director

Membership to the Directors Guild of Canada is at the sole discretion of the DGC. 

  1. You have a signed Director’s contract from a DGC Signatory production.


  2. You have a Director credit for at least 75 minutes of commercially exhibited content.

    For the production(s) to qualify, the following criteria must be met:

    • initial commercial exhibition of the production(s) took place within the five years immediately prior to the date of application for DGC membership; and
    • the production(s) must be in a genre and format defined within the DGC collective agreements.


  3. You are an Independent Feature Filmmaker with at least one Feature Film programed in at least two film festivals on the Academy of Canadian Cinema Recognized Festival list within the last 5 years.


  4. You are a Canadian citizen or permanent resident.

**Click here for a list of recognized film festivals.


There is a one-time new Member fee of $2,500 and annual dues of $750. Annual dues can be paid all at once or quarterly ($187.50). At the time of joining you must pay the full new Member fee plus one quarter annual dues. The remaining balance will be subject to the deadlines of the quarterly dues payment schedule.

New Member Fee: $2,500

Annual Dues: $750 (can be paid $187.50 a quarter)

Payment when joining: $2,500 + $187.50 = $2,687.50


  1. DGC Director Application Form.
  2. Individual RRSP form. Membership includes becoming part of a group retirement savings plan. This form must have the original pen and paper signature and must either be mailed or dropped off to your local DGC office.
  3. NRSP Corporation form. If you are incorporated and wish to have your payroll routed to your corporation you need to fill this out as well as the RRSP form above. This must also have the original pen and paper signature and must either be mailed or dropped off to your local DGC office.

Please send the completed forms to your local DGC District Council office.

Once you are accepted into membership you will receive a membership package that will include: Membership number, RRSPs contact information, Health and Welfare benefits enrolment package. You will also receive a welcome email connecting you to the director representatives nationally and in your region.


With any questions and for more information on joining the DGC as a Director please contact:

Hans Engel

Directors Guild of Canada

National Directors Division