Anoynymous Hotline

As described in Article 10.1 of the DGC BC Collective Agreement:
Problems that arise on the job should first be reported to the Category Head on the production -
the Production Manager, Location Manager or 1st Assistant Director, who can then take the problem to the Producer.
When a satisfactory resolution is not reached on the same day,
you or the Category Head should then contact the DGC BC office for further discussion.

Should you feel unable to approach your Category Head, please fill in the form below,
or call the Anonymous Hotline at 604-682-1100 to report an issue.

All fields marked with a * are required fields

  • Identify yourself only if you want the DGC BC office to follow up with you directly.
  • The fill-in form is sent to the DGC BC office via email to the Business Agent without
    any identifying information.
  • Calling the anonymous hotline reaches a dedicated direct number at the DGC BC office
    which does not have caller ID and does not allow the office to determine who has called,
    including through use of *69.
  • All anonymous calls and emails are retrieved by the Business Agents and are typically
    investigated within 48 hours.
  • For time sensitive issues, you may also call Business Agent Rob Larson on his cell: 604-817-1728.