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Directors Guild of Canada - British-Columbia District Council
2985 Virtual Way, Suite 278
Vancouver, BC, Canada
V5M 4X7
Phone: 604-688-2976
Fax: 604-688-2610

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Executive Director

Kendrie Upton

contact phone (ext. 2224)
contact envelope

The Executive Director is responsible for ensuring that Executive Board policies are implemented and represents the DGC BC in all facets of the industry. They are the designated DGC BC media contact and sits as a Charter Member on MPPIA (Motion Picture Production Industry Association). The Executive Director is also the key contact with federal, provincial and city elected and appointed officials, and is a liaison with the DGA, the BC Council of Film Unions, UBCP and ACFC. Additionally, the Executive Director is the DGC BC staff representative at all DGC National meetings. In the event of an emergency outside of regular office hours, Kendrie can be reached at 604-808-4393.


Director of Operations

Andrea Moore

contact phone (ext. 2229)
contact envelope

The Director of Operations oversees all Staff administrative duties and special projects to ensure each is within budget and completed in a timely fashion. The Director of Operations also ensures that DGC BC Bylaws are followed concerning Executive Board elections and General Membership Meeting requirements, and is a primary liaise with the Executive Board, NM and TC Chair and the National & District Council Staff. The Director of Operations also oversees all Training Programs and initiatives, as well as all Membership and upgrade concerns.


Business Agent

Rob Larson

contact phone (ext. 2225)
contact envelope

The Business Agent is responsible for the management and administration of the Collective Agreement and is the chief negotiator of the DGC BC Collective Agreement. The Business Agent also participates in marketing endeavors through MPPIA to promote BC as a production destination. In the event of an emergency outside of regular office hours, Rob can be reached at 604-817-1728.


Assistant Business Agent and Field Rep

Alexis Hinde

contact phone (ext. 2226)
contact envelope

The Assistant Business Agent works directly with the Business Agent on issues involving the negotiation, management, and administration of the Collective Agreement. As Field Rep, the Assistant Business Agent will spend time out on set to meet with and educate Members about all aspects of the Directors Guild of Canada.  


Assistant Business Agent

Carmen Woods

contact phone (ext. 2230)
contact envelope

The Assistant Business Agent works directly with the Business Agent on issues involving the negotiation, management, and administration of the Collective Agreement.


Training Coordinator

Karen Gabriel

contact phone (ext. 2236)
contact envelope

The Training Coordinator manages all DGC BC training needs and works closely with the DGC BC Training Committee and the MPPIA Education and Training Committee. The Training Coordinator assists in the development of new programs, including online training and safety training, and administers the Mentorship and Practicum programs. The Training Coordinator can also be reached at


Training Administrative Assistant

Catherine Wilkins

contact phone (ext. 2232)
contact envelope

The Training Administrative Assistant coordinates all aspects of DGC BC training including course materials and evaluations, and oversees the Permittee Logbook Holder Program. The Training Administrative Assistant also assists with general office procedures, including Membership meetings and functions.



Cathy Cheung

contact phone (ext. 2227)
contact envelope

The Accountant is responsible for the preparation and maintenance of all DGC BC accounting functions, the budget, bank reconciliation, financial statements, investment portfolio, production bond requirements, Director Buyouts, as well as any remittances concerning the government, employer, Health and Welfare and RSP.


Production Administrator

Jamie Clark

contact phone (ext. 2223)
contact envelope

The Production Administrator prepares, distributes, and ensures the timely receipt of all signatory documentation between the DGC BC and productions, as well as Production Information Packages, etc. The Production Administrator also verifies Deal Memos, and publishes the weekly Production List. Additionally, The Production Administrator works with the accounting department to assist with payroll and RSP administration.


Communications Administrator

Larissa LaFrance

contact phone (ext. 2233)
contact envelope 

The Communications Administrator handles all communications for the DGC BC, including social media, Membership communications, and all graphic design. The Communications Administrator is also the key contact for DGC BC Sponsorships and Donations, and assists with training. 


Administrative Assistant

Kyle Strangways

contact phone (ext. 2222)
contact envelope

The Administrative Assistant communicates with all potential applicants and processes Membership Applications, membership upgrades, and answers inquiries about upgrade requirements. The Administrative Assistant also administers the Member Advantage Program, assists with Reception, and completes special projects as assigned. 



Kory Berikoff

contact envelope 

The Receptionist is the first contact for those calling or visiting the DGC BC office. The Receptionist publishes the Weekly Availability Lists, assists with general inquiries, and is the administrator for the Permittee Logbook Holder Program.


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