Q: Working on American Productions? Be payroll ready!

DGC Quebec encourages Members to keep digital files of required paperwork for payroll to make it easy on all parties when you start a show.  Below please find a guideline for documents you may be asked to submit in support of your Deal Memo.  Why not make an e-file that can be emailed to the Payroll Accountant instead of trying to wrangle hard copies?
If you work as an Employee/Individual:
-Most recent personal Notice of Assessment (within the past two taxation years), first page (see sample)
-Copy of Drivers License
If you work as a Loan-Out:
-Most recent Corporation Notice of Assessment (within the past two taxation years), first page
-Copy of Drivers License
-Articles of Incorporation for your loan-out
-Most recent Schedule 50 (Shareholder Information) from your last tax return
If you can't provide a recent notice of assessment, the production company will ask you to provide some proof of residency: copy of utility bill (Hydro, Phone, etc), copie of medical card, copy of your lease, etc. 

It is so much easier to prepare an e-File and to just send it to the production with a simple click.


Q: How do you update your profile on DGC.ca?

Click here and enter dgc 2017 code to watch short instructional videos to learn how to display your contact info, upload your bio and manage your credits.



Q: Working on a non-union show? Contact us before accepting this project

Adoption of a Dispensation Policy for DGC Quebec Members

The Board of Directors adopted a Dispensation Policy for the DGC Quebec Members. If a DGC Quebec Member wishes to work on a non-unionized production for which DGC Quebec has legal recognition (short film, feature film, series, etc.) it must proceed as follows:


  • Contact the DGC Quebec office to request a waiver
  • Provide all information about the production: title of production, name of producer, dates of services asked, etc.
  • Fill in the Dispensation Form found in the applicable Collective Agreement
It is understood that the following productions will not be subject to derogation for the Members whose functions are legally recognized (according to the Status of the Artist Act) and for which DGC Quebec has negotiated a collective agreement:


  • Feature films
  • TV series
  • New Media productions
  • Documentaries
  • Hybrid productions of the Docu-Fiction type
  • Short films produced by Members of the AQPM

 In the event that a DGC Quebec Member works on a non-unionized, non-derogable production, the Member's case will be submitted to the Board of Directors.

Please note that negotiations are underway for the following functions. Members shall not be required to notify us of the contracts they accept on these productions until the conclusion of the said collective agreements:


  • Collective Agreement for Artistic Directors for the production of commercials with the AQPFP
  • Collective Agreement for Draftspersons and Designers with the AQPM

 Please note also that Accounting and Production Department members are not required to notify us of the contracts they accept on Quebec productions. These work functions are unfortunately not recognized according to the Status of the Artist Act.

 If you have any questions, please contact Chantal Barrette, Business Agent.


Q: How the availability list gets up to date?

DGC Quebec updates your availability using the contracts we receive from productions. This information is transferred to our database and is provided to productions that request an availability list.

When we receive your contract, if there is no end date for the services, we will register you by default as unavailable until the last day of filming (except for the 3rd Assistant Directors). If you are not engaged for the entire production, please write to Luc Filiatrault (lfiliatrault@dgc.ca) to adjust your availability.

If you work on a daily basis, we will register by default as available, unless you have a guaranteed number of days equivalent to or almost the same number of shooting days.  I you wish to be registered as unavailable, please write to Luc Filiatrault (lfiliatrault@dgc.ca).

Members of the Accounting department, don't forget to let us know when your contract will be ending so we can update your file accordingly.

Help us keep the availability list up to date and give the right information to the productions as well as other members!


Q: You want to hire a Non-Member?

There are some rules to be followed before deciding to hire a non-member.
Standard Agreement
The Production has to hire DGC members in good standing. Any non-member needs to be authorized by the Guild prior to engagement.

Hybride Agreements Cinema - Television - New Media
Before hiring a non-member, the production has to publish a job offer to be sent to our members. 

Production Designer/Art Director and Director Collective Agreements
There is no requirement.
Availability Lists, Publication of Job Offers - There are many opportunities to hire Guild Members! 

You are building your team? Did you know that you can access availability lists directly on the DGC website or by contacting our office? 

We can also publish a job offer in a timely manner. You just have to send us information with regards to the job offer (job title, contract dates, locations, etc) and we will send it to members in the following hours.