DGC Celebrates Reversal on Group License Renewals
Toronto – The Directors Guild of Canada hailed the CRTC’s new Group License Renewal rulings, restoring requirements for broadcasters to invest in ‘Programming of National Interest’ (PNI).

“This decision signals a new commitment to Canadian culture and a thriving film & television industry. The CRTC, including several new commissioners, stepped in to stop Canadian broadcasters from axing nearly $200 million a year of the highest quality original programming made in Canada,” said DGC President Tim Southam. “I want to thank the government for sending these rulings back for reconsideration a year ago and congratulate the Commission on having the wisdom and backbone to do the right thing.”
Today’s CRTC rulings also restored requirements for broadcasters to invest in music programming in English and French.
“MuchFACT, Bravo!FACT and vidéoclip financing helped give so many of us our start in this business, including many of our most internationally acclaimed filmmakers,” added DGC National Directors Division Chair Warren P. Sonoda. “At a time when we’re looking to tell stories from more diverse voices, we have got to support that emerging talent.”