I am saddened to announce that former DGC President, Alan Erlich passed away last week on July 12. Alan was a caring and dedicated DGC Member and a pioneering Canadian director. As a Member he served as a President, a Directors Representative, and as a first and second Vice Chair on the DGC Ontario board. In addition to his long service to the Guild, in 2005, he won the DGC Distinguished Service Award. As a director, in 1975, he directed the very first Codco – Festering Forefathers and Running Sons and went on to direct more than 270 network sitcoms starting with King of Kensington.

He was a great teacher, passionate member, a great Canadian Director and his immense contributions to the DGC and Canadian television & film cannot be measured. He will be dearly missed by all.

Tim Southam,

DGC President