The DGC Ontario AGM took place this past Saturday, March 25th at the InterContinental Hotel in Toronto. There were 160 attendees and 300 proxies were submitted, a sign that DGC Ontario Members are more involved than ever in their Guild!

The highlight of the meeting was the Executive Board elections. We are pleased to announce the following winners:

-TW Peacocke re-elected as Vice-Chair

-Andrew Munro re-elected as Secretary-Treasurer

-Warren Sonoda re-elected as Director Caucus Representative

-Anna Beben elected Production Caucus Representative

-Doug Caron elected Editing Caucus Representative

-Marr Morgan re-elected as Accounting Caucus Representative

DGC Ontario would like to thank Steve Munro (former Editing Caucus Rep) who served on the board for five years, and Justin Kelly (former Production Caucus Rep) who served for the past three years. The Executive and Membership greatly appreciate all of the work you have done while serving on the board. Thank you.

Below are the materials that were presented at the AGM:




Membership Chair


Assistant Director







2016 AGM Minutes

Final Financial Statements (Log in to the Members section to view)

2016 - 2017 DGC Ontario Member Statistics

2017 March 22 Final Production Stats

2015 vs. 2016 Stats