*DGC Credits only.


TV Movie/New Media 2019, Production Designer

Ready or Not

Feature 2018, Production Designer

Falling Water - Season 2

TV Series 2017, Production Designer

Handmaid's Tale, The

TV Series 2016, Production Designer

War with Grandpa

Feature 2016, Production Designer

Killjoys - Season 2

TV Series 2015, Production Designer


TV Pilot 2015, Production Designer


TV Series 2014, Production Designer

Nikita, Cycle 4

TV Series 2013, Production Designer

Nikita, Cycle 3

TV Series 2012, Production Designer

Nikita, Cycle 2

TV Series 2011, Production Designer

Nikita (pilot)

TV Pilot 2010, Art Director


TV Series 2010, Production Designer

Lawyers, Guns and Money

TV Series 2009, Production Designer

US Attorney (pilot)

TV Pilot 2009, Art Director

Max Payne

Feature 2007, Art Director

Incredible Hulk, The

Feature 2007, Art Director

Closing The Ring

Feature 2006, Art Director


Feature 2005, Art Director


Feature 2005, Art Director

Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio, The

Feature 2004, Art Director

Four Brothers

Feature 2004, Art Director

Dark Water

Feature 2004, Art Director

Shall We Dance

Feature 2003, Art Director

Maids of the Mist

TV Pilot 2003, Art Director

How to Deal

Feature 2002, Art Director

Other Side of Simple, The

Feature 2002, Art Director

What Girls Learn

Cable Movie 2001, Art Director


Feature 2001, Art Director


Mini-Series 2000, Art Director


Feature 2000, Art Director

Loser, The

Feature 1999, Art Director

Boss of Bosses

TV Movie 1999, Art Director

American Psycho

Feature 1999, Art Director

Storm of the Century

Mini-Series 1998, 1st Assistant Art Director

Third Miracle, The

Feature 1998, Art Director

Big Hit, The

Feature 1997, Art Director

Mighty, The

Feature 1997, 1st Assistant Art Director

Extreme Measures

Feature 0, Set Designer



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