Summary of Internal Grievance Process

The DGC Ontario Hearings Committee operates at arm’s length from the elected Members of the DGC Ontario Executive Board and from the DGC Ontario staff. It is under the direction of the Hearings Committee Chair, a position that is appointed each year by the DGC Ontario Chair, as set out in Article 14.19 of By-law No. 1 (more commonly known as the DGC Ontario Constitution).

Anyone who is considering filing a complaint should read in full Article 16 and Appendix C.  The following is a summary of the various stages in the process:

 1)  If a Member is considering filing a complaint, the first step is to contact the Hearings Committee Chair, who can answer questions and provide guidance.

 2)  If the Member then wishes to formally file a complaint, the Hearings Chair must receive a document that fulfills all the requirements set out in Appendix C.1. Receipt of this document officially begins the complaint, and sets in motion the Pre-Hearing Documentation Phase (Appendix C.2 to C.3).

 3)  Once that phase is complete, the Hearings Chair forms a Committee to decide whether the complaint should move forward, or be dismissed (Appendix C.4 to C.11).

 4)  If the Committee decides that the complaint should proceed, the next step is mandatory mediation. Note that the costs associated with this mediation are borne equally by both parties to the complaint (Appendix C.12).

 5)  If mediation fails, then a formal Hearing is scheduled (Appendix C.13 to C.23).

 6)  Following a Hearing, either party to the complaint may seek leave to appeal (Appendix C. 24 to C. 29). If an Appeal is granted, it then takes place (Appendix C.30 to C.33).  The decision on appeal is final.

 7)  Important Note: Once a complaint has formally begun, it is possible at any point in the complaint process (indeed, it is encouraged) for both parties to the complaint to meet and attempt to resolve the complaint between themselves. If a resolution is found, it is then reported to the Hearings Chair.

Please contact the 2018-19 Hearings Committee Chair, Bruce Speyer, at should you have any questions, or to begin the complaints process.