*DGC Credits only.

Wendy from New Jersey

TV Movie 2020, Production Designer

Invisible Man, The

Feature 2019, Production Designer - Daily

Middle Man, The

Feature 2019, Production Designer

Titans - Season 2

TV Series 2019, Art Director

True Crime Series

Docu Drama 2018, Production Designer

Cicada 3301

Feature 2018, Art Director

Falls Around Her

Feature 2018, Production Designer

Guest of Honour

Feature 2018, Art Director

Designated Survivor - Season 2

TV Series 2017, Art Director


TV Movie 2017, Art Director

Octavio is Dead

Feature 2017, Art Director

Level 16

Feature 2017, Production Designer

Our House

Feature 2016, Art Director

Reel Women Seen

Short Film 2016, Production Designer

Workin' Moms

TV Series 2016, Art Director

Odd Squad - Season 2

TV Series 2015, Art Director

Milton's Secret

Feature 2015, Art Director

In God's Country

TV Movie 2006, Art Director

Trump: Unauthorized

TV Movie 2005, 1st Assistant Art Director - daily


TV Series 2004, Art Director

Say When

TV Movie 2004, Art Director

Shadow Walkers

TV Pilot 2003, 1st Assistant Art Director

Aurora Borealis

Feature 2003, 1st Assistant Art Director

Hypercube, Cube 2

Feature 2001, Production Designer

Witchblade - Pilot

TV Pilot 2000, Art Director

Zebra Lounge

TV Movie 2000, Art Director


Mini-Series 2000, 1st Assistant Art Director

Treed Murray

Feature 2000, Production Designer

Thin Air

TV Movie 1999, Art Director

Rick Nelson: Original Teen Idol

TV Movie 1999, 1st Assistant Art Director

Nero Wolfe

TV Movie 1999, Art Director

Flowers For Algernon

TV Movie 1999, 2nd Assistant Art Director

Prisoner of Love

Feature 1998, 1st Assistant Art Director


Feature 1997, Art Director


Feature 0, Art Director



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