Welcome to your guide for accessing the HAVEN Helpline.

The HAVEN Helpline – or Harassment and Violence Emergency Network – provides direct 24/7 access to incident reporting and counselling services for ACTRA and DGC members on a fully confidential basis within the limits of the law.

HAVEN can be accessed by app, chat or phone. The specially trained staff at HAVEN can refer members to counseling services and take incident reports to be kept on file with our provider Morneau-Shepell or be forward to Guild staff at the member’s request. It is always up to the individual member to choose whether they wish to notify their Guild or union, or move forward with a complaint to their employer.

Fully Confidential
All calls to HAVEN are fully confidential within the limits of the law including both reporting and counselling. Reports will only be shared with DGC or ACTRA personnel at the request of the member.

All staff handling incoming calls to HAVEN are specially trained with knowledge of our industry and equipped to take harassment incident reports. All agents hold at least a Master’s-level degree & five years experience in their respective specialties and can refer members to counselling services.

Direct 24/7 Access
HAVEN connects you directly to Morneau-Shepell’s Care Access Centres – bypassing the general helpdesk offered as part of their Members Assistance Plan and ensuring all calls are handled by trained specialists. 

How to get started

You can access the HAVEN Helpline three ways: by app, chat and phone. 


App or Web Chat
To access HAVEN by app or web chat, you must first create a LifeWorks account through Morneau-Sheppel. To do so please visit their website or download the LifeWorks app from your Apple or Android app store. The registration process will ask for your invite code, please refer to the information below to find your code.

Your invitation code is: DGC-[your member ID]
For example, if your member ID is 10101, your invitation code is: DGC-10101

lifeworks desktop   lifeworks mobile2

 For screenshots to locate where to find the chat function on desktop and the app, look below.


Chat (Desktop)

Visit the Lifeworks website 







Lifeworks App

Download the app via the links below for your platform.

Google Play store2   Apple App store2