Telefilm Canada has launched five new discoverability initiatives in an effort to promote Canadian films in 2017. Telefilm has partnered with distributors and iTunes to create a “Canada First” collection of films on iTunes including Canadian films like Room, Brooklyn, and Mommy. They’ve also partnered with Les Films Seville and VIA rail to bring a variety of Canadian shows and films to audiences through VIA rail's on-train entertainment system.  In partnership with the NFB, they will be launching an Emerging Talents web channel to showcase the work of emerging filmmakers in Canada.  In partnership with Elephant, they are restoring and digitally remastering heritage films of Quebec to preserve Quebec’s cinema legacy. Lastly, they are partnering with Under the Milky Way to make Canadian films available internationally in six languages on multiple digital platforms.

This initiative is tied to Canada’s sesquicentennial celebration this year.

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