The Directors Guild of Canada was saddened to learn of the passing of Robert Ewan Mackenzie Barclay on Tuesday January 9, 2018. He was 87.

Bob Barclay’s devotion to the Directors Guild of Canada, the institution and its members, was evident in his nearly 30 years of commitment to the Guild and in countless contributions he made in elected positions.

Anyone who knew Bob in his professional life, knew the pride he held in having been one of the 20 founding members of the DGC in 1962. In his years as President (1978 – 81), Bob secured our organization’s first collective agreement, moved the Guild into permanent offices and was instrumental in establishing the Quebec and British Columbia District Council offices.

Bob’s film career spanned 40 years with over 250 credits in a variety of capacities including director, producer, writer and editor.

His biographical pictures featured internationally renowned personalities including Walt Disney, Oscar winner Glenda Jackson, TV icon Lorne Greene as well as distinguished Canadians like Governor General George Vanier, hockey superstar Jean Beliveau, Master of the legendary Bluenose Angus Walters, Gordon Lightfoot, book publisher Mel Hurtig and Royal Winnipeg prima ballerina Evelyn Hart.

His first biographical documentary “Man of Kintail,” on Canadian sculptor Robert Tait McKenzie, was citied by the University of Toronto as “the best source of history on the subject”. His work has been recognized at film festivals in Los Angeles, Chicago, and Columbus, Ohio and his films have won over twenty Canadian film awards.

Even in Bob’s later years, he was a reliable and ubiquitous presence at Guild meetings and events. He will never be forgotten and always missed.