The Canadian Heritage Department has released the findings from the “Canadian Content in a Digital World” consultations. These consultations have involved six public meetings across Canada, social media discussions and mail and online submissions from Canadians giving their input to help determine the direction of Canadian content.

The DGC is committed to engaging in the consultation and has been actively working with Minister Joly and the Department of Canadian Heritage to ensure the voices of creators are heard.

The DGC’s priorities are:

1. To help put the focus on distinctive, original content created by Canadians

2. To integrate new players/platforms. Conventional TV is becoming Internet TV, and new policy needs to reflect this and integrate new platforms to contribute to the creation of Canadian programming.

3. To help to define ‘Creator’. Directors and writers are authors, in collaboration with producers.

4. To showcase diversity. Diversity is part of our competitive advantage. 

We were pleased to see many of the DGC's priorities reflected in the summary. 

To read the summary, click HERE.

For more information on the DGCs perspective we encourage you to consult our submission HERE