The Directors Guild of Canada supports the argument that the legislative review should find the right balance between economic and cultural aims for the revision of the Broadcasting Act. The Canadian film and television industry is undergoing a major digital transformation as it migrates from traditional distribution platforms to an increasing online system coupled with omnipresent global platforms that have reshaped the traditional audiovisual value chain. As we shift to a platform and data-driven economy it is important to serve the public interest and protect Canadian creators, stories and jobs by reinforcing the objectives within the Broadcasting Act and provide new policy tools to the CRTC. The big question is how to regulate to ensure sustainability in the system over the long term, enhance fairness and protect national sovereignty. The DGC is in favour of a balanced approach and smart regulation that will encourage audiovisual industry development and foster innovation. To achieve this, it will in our view be necessary to update both the Telecommunications and Broadcasting Acts. But in the interim, there is a pressing need for the CRTC to act to ensure equitable contributions from foreign online programming services operating in Canada.

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