Commission lets broadcasters slash investment in Canadian programming by at least $200 million


Toronto – Directors Guild of Canada National President, Tim Southam, today, condemned the CRTC’s decision to weaken the obligations of Canadian broadcasters to invest in quality Canadian programming. 

“For years, the CRTC has said it’s shifting focus from the number of hours of Canadian programming on air to the investment broadcasters make in original content. Now, they’re cutting the investment requirements, too. The Commission is betraying its own word and betraying Canadian creators.” 

The CRTC’s decision will drain over $200 million in funding from feature film, feature documentaries and scripted television over the next five years (so-called “programming of national interest”).

“The CRTC got it right when they said that, in the digital world, broadcasters need to invest in innovative content that stands out in a global marketplace. So why let broadcasters slash their investments in distinctive, original content by $200 million over five years?”

“The Commission called the right play, then absolutely blew the follow through.”

In 2015, the CRTC said its was “shifting its focus from the quantity of content made by Canadians broadcast to the amount of money invested in this content.The overarching goal is to ensure that our creators have the tools and resources they need to produce compelling content that can compete on the world stage.”