June 27th, 2018

Toronto – Directors Guild of Canada President Tim Southam issued the following statement on the appointment of Christa Dickenson as Executive Director of Telefilm Canada:

“I want to offer my warmest welcome to Christa Dickenson on behalf of Canadian filmmakers and the nearly five thousand key creative and logistical personnel represented by the DGC. Everyone at the Guild looks forward to working with Ms. Dickenson to strengthen and modernize public policy supports for Canadian feature film and give Canadian creators the tools to tell our peoples stories in the digital age.

“Ms. Dickenson takes the helm at Telefilm in a time of tremendous change. New technology has given Canadians access to more content than ever. The need for equality, fairness and a diversity of voices in our industry has never been clearer. Yet the power of film, and the indispensable contribution it makes to our culture and identity, has only become greater. I know Ms. Dickenson’s background in senior roles at several key media firms, not to mention her degrees in film studies from two of Canada’s most illustrious universities, will help make her an outstanding leader in our industry.

“As DGC President, I would also like to extend my deepest thanks to Carolle Brabant for her nearly thirty years of service at Telefilm. Carolle’s appointment as the first woman to serve as Executive Director of Telefilm was a landmark, the importance of which is only more evident today. Our sincerest thanks and gratitude go to Carolle Brabant.”