Statement from DGC National President Tim Southam supporting the Government of Québec in call to review French-language decision


Toronto – "As President of the Directors Guild of Canada, on behalf of our members in Québec and across the country, I want to thank Québec’s Minister of Culture for speaking out against this recent ruling by the CRTC.

"The Commission’s shameful decision, slashing broadcaster funding for scripted television on English channels and reducing requirements for original programming in French, is wrong on both fronts. Reshooting American-style unscripted shows, then dubbing them into French isn’t an investment in culture. It’s a farce.

"Opposition to this decision is spreading right across the country and rightly so. The DGC’s petition to save MuchFACT and Bravo!FACT, funding music videos and short films, is up to nearly ten thousand signatures in just over a week. We’re getting calls and emails, worried about cuts to future productions. Corus cancelling three French-language series within a week, shows just how devastating this could get.

"Creators, industry partners and governments are speaking out against this decision. The federal government should take note."