Party platforms have been released with all major parties signed on to the Guild's vision for a level playing field for Canadian broadcasters and global internet giants. See below for additional information on what each party pledges to do for our industry.


Liberal Party

The Liberal party proposed a 3% corporate tax on tech giants and will implement a legislation within one year to ensure that all foreign content providers:

  • offer meaningful levels of Canadian content in their catalogues;
  • contribute to the creation of Canadian content in both official languages;
  • promote this content and make it easily accessible on their platforms.

The Liberal Party also pledged to:

  • increase annual funding for Telefilm Canada by nearly 50% a year;
  • strengthen the regional mandate of CBC/Radio Canada;
  • Introduce a new cultural diplomacy strategy.

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Conservative Party

Like other parties, the Conservatives revealed their intent to create a level playing field in the Canadian broadcasting industry, while planning to relax foreign ownership rules. The Conservative Party will apply a 3% corporate tax of online large businesses with worldwide revenues of more than more than $1 billion and revenues in Canada of more than $50 million.

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New Democratic Party

The NDP will make sure that web giants play by the same rules as Canadian broadcasters by:

  • paying taxes;
  • supporting Canadian content in both official languages;
  • promoting Canadian content.

The NDP will also ensure that Canada’s arts and cultural institutions receive stable, long-term funding, which will include a funding increase for CBC and Radio-Canada.

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Green Party

In its election platform, The Green Party committed to:

  • apply a sales tax on foreign e-commerce companies doing business in Canada;
  • Increase funding to all of Canada’s arts and culture organizations;
  • Review tax incentives for film production to ensure all parts of Canada are competitive and attractive to the industry;
  • Reform anti-trust laws to enable the break-up of media conglomerates;
  • Increase funding to CBC and Radio Canada by $315 million per year;
  • Reform the governance structure of CBC/Radio Canada to remove the potential for political interference in board appointments.

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Bloc Québécois

The Bloc Quebecois announced that they will apply a 3% corporate tax to foreign internet giants as well as a sales tax. The tax revenues will go to a fund exclusively dedicated at supporting cultural creation. The Bloc is in favor of a government intervention to obtain a unilateral participation of streaming giants to the creation of Canadian content. The party will also maintain CBC/Radio Canada funding and increase Council of the Arts’ funding by $365 million.

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