Policy for Late Payment of Dues

In effect as of January 1st, 2015 

Quarterly Dues Invoice
The membership fee will be invoiced on a quarterly basis, and sent to you via email at least 30 days prior to the following dues deadlines:  December 31st, March 31st , June 30th and September 30th

What if I miss paying my dues by the deadline? 
For the first 90 days:

  • Your membership will no longer be suspended as in previous years; you will remain a Member in Good Standing;
  • You will be able to continue to work on your current engagement or seek new job opportunities on DGC signed productions;
  • Your name will continue to show on both the membership and the availability lists on the DGC website; and
  • You will continue to receive your Health & Welfare benefits, including access to your Healthcare Spending Account.

Please note:

  • If you are working on a DGC production,  producer contributions for Health & Welfare will NOT be allocated to your name;
  • This loss of Health & Welfare producer contributions will impact your health benefit coverage in the future when these contributions are used to calculate your default level;
  • Once your outstanding dues balance has been paid, producer contributions for Health & Welfare will again be allocated to your name. The producer contributions forfeited during the period when you carried an owing balance will NOT be returned;
  • You will receive email reminders of your outstanding balance;
    • There will be no dues plea for deadline extension; and
    • You will receive a “Risk of Termination Notice” 30 days prior to the termination of your membership.


After 90 days:

  • Your membership will be TERMINATED;
    • You will NOT be able to work on DGC signed productions;
  • Your name will be removed from both membership and availability lists on the website; and
  • You will lose your Health & Welfare benefits coverage immediately, including automatic forfeiture of all balance to your Healthcare Spending Account and Dollar Bank Account. 

What if I want to keep my old pre-payment system?
Members can always prepay their quarterly dues in advance.

Payment by E-commerce
Members can submit payment via credit card by going to www.dgc.ca and logging onto the Members Section. After logging in to Members Section, go to My Profile and select Dues Payment  you will be taken to your personal dues payment page. View your dues account balance on the DGC website under the Due Payment section.

Reactivating Your Membership
If your membership is terminated and you wish to reactivate it, you are required to re-submit a membership application form and pay a rejoining fee of $750 for Full Member and $450 for Associate Member. 

DGC staff is committed to providing effective, efficient and expedient customer service to all Members. If you have any questions regarding the new payment system, please do not hesitate to contact the DGC National Office at 416.925.8200 or toll free 1.888.972.0098 

Thank you,

Vivian Tsoi

Director, Finance & Administration