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Ontario offers a thriving market for award-winning production, extending generous tax incentives to international producers.Our creatives and crews are some of the best in the world. Our talent pool is diverse, experienced and driven.

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"The people in Toronto are top-notch technically and artistically to deliver any movie you need, of any scale you need in the world. There's a sense of family... and there's a sense of belonging and a sense of loyalty. That's why I want to keep coming back. Guillermo del Toro

“We shot most of Molly’s Game right here on the stages in Toronto. I have to say it was the best crew I’ve ever been part of, without a doubt. They are phenomenally talented.” – Aaron Sorkin

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Createinontario no headv2 awards winners and noms


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The Directors Guild of Canada (Ontario) include more than 668 creative keys and 2200 professionals including: Directors, Assistant Directors, Production Designers, Art Directors, Editors, Production Managers, Location Managers and Accountants.

Learn about the Guild and search our member database for available talent.

Check Telefilm Canada for a comprehensive guide to co-productions in Canada as well as the Ontario Media Development Corporation for additional resources available to productions in Ontario.


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