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Protecting Creators’ Rights

The DGC has teamed up with nearly 30 partners in film & television to take on a new generation of large-scale intellectual property theft. FairPlay Canada, a proposal to the CRTC, targets foreign streaming sites that rake in millions of dollars charging Canadians for access to stolen content.

Now, we have just ONE MONTH to speak up and make sure the CRTC hears from our members.

“FairPlay is about a simple principle. Canadian creators should be paid for their work like anyone else. We need to modernize our laws and take on this new generation of piracy sites, raking in millions trafficking in content stolen from Canadian creators.” – Tim Southam, DGC President

The best way you can contribute to the FairPlay is contacting the CRTC directly.

Use the sample letter below to send the CRTC a message to support creators’ rights through their comment portal directly here.



SUBJECT: FairPlay Canada

I’m writing today to urge the CRTC to adopt the recommendations laid out in the proposal of January 30th, 2018 from FairPlay Canada.

Canadian creators are facing a new generation of foreign piracy operations that challenge to the CRTC’s core public policies and present a serious and growing threat to creators’ livelihoods. As much as $260 billion is lost to Canadian creators every year with nearly 2 billion visits to piracy sites in 2016 alone. These large-scale commercial operations are flouting the CRTC’s carefully crafted policies to protect Canadian culture and not only violating copyrights held by Canadians individuals and companies, but also circumventing the entire framework established by the Commission to require all players to contribute to the production of Canadian content.

The FairPlay proposal is based on core Canadian values such as fairness, freedom of expression and creators’ rights. The time has come to modernize federal telecommunications and broadcasting policies to uphold these values on new platforms and reinforce new principles such as Net Neutrality. I believe the Fair Play proposal does just this, establishing an independent, arms-length review agency targeting blatant, egregious or structural foreign copyright violators. By engaging industry partners, users, consumers, educators, distributors, right holders and creators, the CRTC can prevent piracy, protect creators and ensure Canadians get access to content through law-abiding sources.

I urge you to consider and adopt this proposal.



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