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The DGC actively promotes both the interests of its members and the importance of Canada’s screen-based industries in all their formats and platforms. It does this by developing public policy initiatives both independently and in concert with other guilds and associations and pre-eminently, through the example of the high quality of work created by its Members. Recognizing the linkages and concerns it shares with other cultural and labour organizations, the Guild works closely with the Writers Guild of Canada, ACTRA, the Screen Composers (who are now formally allied with the DGC), Quebec labour organizations, the Canadian Labour Congress and the Canadian Media Producers Association to highlight and situate the screen-based industries as an integral part of the Canadian cultural landscape. The DGC also represents these industries at an international level, through its close collaboration with organizations like the Directors Guild of America.

Latest News

June 02, 2017

The Directors Guild of Canada wishes to respond to CRTC Chairman Jean-Pierre Blais’ letter regarding the licence renewals of the large French-language television station groups

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May 30, 2017

Statement from DGC National President Tim Southam supporting the Government of Québec...

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May 16, 2017

DGC rejects CRTC licensing decision. Commission lets broadcasters slash investment in Canadian programming by at least $200 million...

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