*DGC Credits only.


Feature 2019, 1st Assistant Accountant


Feature 2018, Production Manager

The Parts You Lose

Feature 2017, 1st Assistant Accountant

Burden of Truth SEASON 1

TV Series 2017, Production Manager

Break My Heart 1000 Times

Feature 2017, Production Manager

Incident in a Ghostland

Feature 2016, Production Manager

Channel Zero SEASON 1

TV Series 2016, 2nd Assistant Accountant

Sunnyside Season 1B

TV Series 2015, Production Manager

Sunnyside Season 1

TV Series 2014, Production Manager

A Warden's Ransom

Feature 2014, Production Manager

Cashing In Season 4

TV Series 2013, Production Manager


Feature 2013, Assistant Production Manager

Silent Night, Deadly Night

Feature 2012, OTHER

Deserted Cities (aka Ciudades Desiertas)

Feature 2012, Production Manager

Zero Hour Pilot

TV Pilot 2012, 1st Assistant Director

Mr Hockey

TV Movie 2012, Assistant Production Manager

The Year Dolly Parton Was My Mom

Feature 2010, Production Manager


Feature 2010, Production Coordinator

Cashing In Season 3

TV Series 2010, Production Coordinator

Keep Your Head Up Kid "The Don Cherry Story"

Mini-Series 2009, 3rd Assistant Director

Taken in Broad Daylight

TV Movie 2008, Production Assistant


Feature 2008, Production Coordinator


Feature 2007, Production Coordinator

Make It Happen

Feature 2007, Production Coordinator

The Heaven Project

Feature 2007, Production Coordinator


Feature 2007, Production Coordinator

The Heaven Project

Feature 2007, Assistant Production Coordinator

High Life

Feature 2007, Production Coordinator

The Lookout

Feature 2006, Assistant Production Coordinator

Falcon Beach - Season 2

TV Series 2006, Production Coordinator

Force 2

TV Special 2005, Production Coordinator

Falcon Beach - Series

TV Series 2005, Production Coordinator

Full of It

Feature 2005, Production Assistant


Feature 2004, Production Assistant

Niagara Motel

Feature 2004, Production Coordinator

Niagara Motel

Feature 2004, Assistant Production Coordinator

Vinegar Hill

TV Movie 2004, Production Coordinator

Naughty or Nice

TV Movie 2004, Production Coordinator

A Winning Season

TV Movie 2003, 3rd Assistant Director

Zeyda and the Hitman

TV Movie 2003, 3rd Assistant Director

2030 CE Season 2

TV Series 2002, 2nd Assistant Director

We were the Mulvaneys

TV Movie 2001, Production Assistant

Dracula- Pages from a Virgin's Diary

TV Movie 2001, 2nd Assistant Director

2030 CE

TV Series 2001, Production Assistant

Inside The Osmonds

TV Movie 2000, Production Assistant

Wishmaster 3 & 4

Feature 2000, Production Assistant

The Adventures of Shirley Holmes IV

TV Series 1999, Assistant Production Manager



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