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Entry Level (Permittee)

Thank you for your interest in joining the Directors Guild of Canada. 

The Directors Guild of Canada, Manitoba District Council provides Membership and Permittee personnel information to productions in the form of a Member availability list and a Permittee Availability list upon request.

When a production signs a DGC Contract, consideration in crewing must be given to Guild Members first.

In the case where and when there are no local DGC members available, the Manitoba District Council office provides an availability list of qualified Permittees.

In order to qualify for Permittee status with the Directors Guild of Canada, Manitoba District Council, A Permittee is required to:

1. Have successfully completed a recognized "Set Orientation Course". Film Training Manitoba (FTM) offers this course. Set orientation encompasses an understanding of the filmmaking process, and includes familiarity with the various procedures that are vitally important for communication and scheduling on a day-to-day basis. Since productions can employ many people in diverse fields, crew members rely on set etiquette for standards of behaviour, terminology and communication between departments. To register for this online program contact Film Training Manitoba at (204) 989-9669 or on their website at email at 

2. Have worked on a Guild sanctioned shoot under a Guild contract or as a FTM trainee for a minimum of 1 work day.

3. Submit a letter of recommendation from a Full Member in Good Standing of the Manitoba District Council approving your addition to the permittee list.

4. Submit an updated resume to the Manitoba District countil Office that indicates you have met the minimum requirements for Permitee status. 

Once these requirements are met, qualified permittees will be placed on a "Permittee List" which is distributed to production offices upon request. 

The Permittee is required to contact the MDC office every month to update their availability. Please email with your updated availability. Failure to contact the office will result in removal of your name from the Permittee List.

In order to qualify for membership as a Production Assistant in the Directors Guild of Canada, an individual must have completed 90 days as a PA Permittee on DGC signed productions. Once you have obtained the 90 days, the expectation is that you will submit your application to join the Guild. Please reference the “Membership Requirements” section of the DGC-Manitoba District Council website and the “How to Join” section of the DGC National website for more information.

At this stage, if the Manitoba District Council does not receive a membership application, the DGC has the right to remove your name from the Permittee List and you may no longer be eligible to work on DGC signed productions as a permittee.

It is the permittee’s responsibility to be pro-active in seeking gainful employment. The DGC will submit the permittee availability list upon request, but it is important to contact the productions to provide your resume to demonstrate your interest and availability.

Please contact the Manitoba District Council office for more information on the DGC Permittee requirements:

Manitoba District Council
400-245 McDermot Avenue
Winnipeg, MB Canada
R3B 0S6

Phone: 204.940.4301

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