Membership Benefits

The DGC provides a variety of benefits to members. Benefits include:

  • development and maintenance of high professional standards,
  • extensive contract protection, premium pay, and fringe benefits,
  • domestic and international marketing missions to maximize job opportunities,
  • distribution of availability lists and resumes for upcoming productions,
  • an annual directory of members which is circulated to Canadian and foreign production organizations,
  • attractive benefit plan,
  • regional and national training, professional development programs, scholarships, workshops and screenings,
  • extensive lobbying for a favorable legislative environment and the enhancement of the film and television industries.
  • discounts program on select products and services nation wide

The DGC actively promotes the continued growth of a healthy Canadian film and television industry through a variety of measures including lobbying, and helping to develop federal and provincial production incentives. This results in increased employment opportunities for DGC members, and a strong Canadian film and television industry, for all.

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