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If your question is not answered here, please contact Manitoba Representative Steven Foster at, Manitoba Business Agent Catherine Middleton at, or call 204-940-4301.

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Q :
Who can I talk to about my rate?

A: Email or call Manitoba Representative Steven Foster at or 204-940-4301.

Q : How can I update my credits or change my availability?

A: Please email or call 204-940-4301.

Q : Who can I talk to about my benefits?

A: Please email or call 1-888-972-0098.

Q : Who can I talk to about dues payments?

A: Please email your questions to or call 1-888-972-0098.

Q : Who can I talk to about joining the DGC?

A: Please click here for detailed information specific to joining the Guild.

Q : Where do I find Claim Forms for Medical and Dental benefits?

A: For forms and information customized to the DGC plan, click here to go to the DGC National site and find information and instructions about Reel Life Benefits.

Q : Can I transfer to a different district council should I move?

A: Yes. Just let the DGC National office know by contacting Let them know of the changes in address, phone number, etc.

Q : If I am a previous Guild member, terminated or resigned, who wishes to rejoin, what do I need to do?

A: All members who have been terminated or who have resigned, must reapply for membership to the DGC. Included with the completed membership application must be the membership joining fee, and all outstanding dues with the National office. There are no exceptions. Please contact or call 204-940-4301 to initiate the rejoining process.

Q : Who can I talk to about the web site?

A: Please email

If you have any further questions, please call the Manitoba District Council Office at 204-940-4301.

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