Larissa LaFrance

On Set Safety

The DGC BC would like to remind Members to be vigilant about on set safety. It's essential that each of you, as members of the production team, be aware of your surroundings and the actions of others; only you can help ensure a safe and harassment-free environment. Here are the ways that you can contribute to a safer workplace:

  • Know your human rights and your rights under the DGC BC Collective Agreement.
  • Report any problems or unsafe conditions to your supervisor IMMEDIATELY or call the Safety Hotline listed on the Call Sheet. For U.S. productions you can contact U.S. Studio Safety Hotlines.
  • If you feel your report is not taken seriously, please contact the DGC BC office at 604-688-2976 to speak with one of our Business Agents. Additionally, the office has an Anonymous Hotline; the hotline does not have caller ID and does not allow the office to determine who has called, including through use of *69. Members can also submit concerns electronically here. You can reach the Anonymous Hotline voicemail box at 604-682-1100.
  • For health and safety emergency and accident reporting call WorkSafeBC directly at 604-276-3301 for the Lower Mainland or 1-888-621-7233 toll-free within B.C. from 8:30 am - 4:30 pm or call 1-866-922-4357 after hours.
  • Contact the Actsafe offices at 604-733-4682 for details on arranging free onsite Propane Safety Awareness training. You can also view a PDF of Actsafe's Propane Awareness Sign here. Please feel free to save, share and distribute the sign.

Stay safe out there.