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Joining the DGC means being a part of a National organization dedicated to representing key creative and logistical personnel in the screen-based industry in Canada. The DGC provides a variety of benefits to Members. Some of the highlights are: development and maintenance of high professional standards, extensive contract protection, premium pay, and fringe benefits, promotion of members, distribution of availability lists for productions, attractive benefit plans, regional and national training, professional development programs, workshops and screenings, extensive lobbying for a favourable legislative environment and the enhancement of the film and television industries, discount program on select products and services nationwide.

Classes of DGC Membership in The Atlantic Regional Council

A Full Member must meet all of the qualifications of a DGC category, as defined by the National Membership and Training Committee (M&T) and the National Executive Board (NEB). A Full Member has all of the duties, obligations, rights and privileges of membership, including the right to hold office, and to receive notice of, to attend and vote at any membership meeting or on any amendment to the DGC Constitution. A Full Member is entitled to one vote on any matter decided at a membership meeting. 

An Associate Member must meet all of the qualifications of a DGC category, as defined by M&T and the NEB. An Associate Member has all of the duties, obligations, rights and privileges of membership, except that he or she shall not have the right to hold office or vote at any National membership meeting. Each Council may determine whether an Associate Member may hold Council office or vote at any Council membership meeting. 

Health & Welfare services

The DGC Health & Welfare Plan includes medical and dental benefits, life insurance, critical condition benefits, vision care, a prescription drug card, coverage for paramedical services, and more. Coverage levels are based on producer contributions, and during the enrolment term, Members can update their coverage if needed. All DGC Members in Active Good Standing residing in Canada, with some exceptions, are covered by a comprehensive health plan and Members are able to annually upgrade their coverage. 

Retirement Savings Plan

This is a direct benefit of collective bargaining. DGC is a participant in the Canadian Entertainment Industry Retirement Plan (CEIRP). Members have a choice of different investment vehicles that are selected for various levels of risk tolerance with lower management fees than an individual plan. Retirement Plan contributions are made by producers. DGC negotiates the producer contribution as an additional payment on top of the scale rate which goes directly to the Member’s savings plan.  

Members’ Advantage Program

All DGC members in good standing can take advantage of preferred rates at select merchants across Canada for discounts on gym memberships, hotels, industry journal subscriptions, train travel, car rentals, clothing, movie tickets and a variety of other services. 


The Directors Rights Collective of Canada (DRCC): 

The Directors Rights Collective of Canada (DRCC) is a non-profit corporation under the DGC’s umbrella.

Established in late 1998, the DRCC has a mandate to collect, administer and distribute royalties to audiovisual directors who are entitled based on foreign broadcasts of their work under the national copyright legislation of certain countries in Europe and elsewhere. At present, such royalties are not collected in Canada for audiovisual directors as audiovisual works are not covered under Canada’s private copying regime and directors do not yet have statutory recognition of authorship in their audiovisual works. 

With a membership of more than 800 audiovisual directors working in all genres, the DRCC has distributed more than two and a half million dollars and manages agreements with over 18 international collecting societies.

Who qualifies for membership in the DGC?

If you are a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada, and you have the requirements stated by the District Council you reside in, you may apply to join the DGC in any job category represented by that district council. The DGC is a national organization and you may work in any District Council in Canada that covers your job classification. Job Categories and collective agreements vary from Council to Council.                                 

For more information contact the ARC office at 902-492-3424.

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