*DGC Credits only.

Moblees Season 2

TV Series 2015, Art Director

The Child Remains

Feature 2015, Production Designer

Moblees Season 1

TV Series 2014, Art Director

Book of Negroes

Mini-Series 2013, 2nd Assistant Art Director

Lizzie Borden

TV Movie 2013, Art Director

Seed Season 2

TV Series 2013, Production Designer

Bag of Bones

Mini-Series 2012, Art Director


Feature 2012, Art Director

Seed Season 1

TV Series 2012, Production Designer

Call Me Fitz - Season 3

TV Series 2011, Art Director

Hobo With a Shotgun

Feature 2010, Production Designer

Jumping the Broom

Feature 2010, Art Director

Call Me Fitz Season 1

TV Series 2009, Art Director

Ice Castles NS

Feature 2009, 1st Assistant Art Director

Meet Fitz

TV Pilot 2009, Art Director

Second Honeymoon NS

TV Series 2009, Art Director

Two Sisters

(NONE) 2009, Art Director

G-Spot Season 3

TV Series 2008, Art Director

Mighty Jungle III

TV Series 2008, Art Director

Sea Wolf

TV Pilot 2008, Draftsman

Trailer Park Boys Feature II

Feature 2008, Art Director



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