*DGC Credits only.

Wynonna Earp - Season 3

TV Series 2018, 3rd Assistant Director

Damnation Season One

TV Series 2017, 2nd Assistant Director

Heartland Season 11

TV Series 2017, Production Assistant

The Detour Season 3

2017, 2nd Assistant Director

ALPHA - AB Unit Shoot

Feature 2016, Assistant Production Coordinator

Damnation (Pilot)

TV Pilot 2016, Trainee Assistant Director

Tin Star Season 1

TV Series 2016, Production Assistant - Daily

Wynonna Earp - Season 2

TV Series 2016, 3rd Assistant Director

Lewis & Clark

Mini-Series 2015, Production Assistant

Wynonna Earp

TV Series 2015, Trainee Assistant Director

Haunting Melissa 2

Feature 2014, Trainee Assistant Director

The Revenant

Feature 2014, Trainee Production Coordinator

Fargo Season 1

TV Series 2013, Production Assistant

Intersteller aka Flora's Letter

Feature 2013, Production Assistant - daily

Intersteller aka Flora's Letter

Feature 2013, Trainee Production Coordinator



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