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If you are a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada, you may apply to join the DGC in any job category that it represents through your relevant DGC District Council. The DGC is a national organization and you may work anywhere in Canada. What may differ is which Guild job categories are covered by the specific collective agreement in effect in each district. You can check what categories are represented in your District Council here: Membership Classes and Categories by District Council.

For more information on job descriptions click here.

To Join follow these easy steps:

  1. Print and read the appropriate application to ensure you meet the minimum requirements and to verify that the job category in which you are applying is represented by your District Council.  To Join as a Member please click here. To join as a Director, please click here.
  2. Review the Application Checklist included at the beginning of the application form to ensure that you have filled out the application correctly and have enclosed all the required information.
  3. Contact your local DGC District Council to ensure there are no additional requirements to be considered in your region.
  4. Send your application and related materials to your local DGC District Council.

Application Procedure:

There is a process that Membership Applications go through before an applicant is officially considered a Member of the Directors Guild of Canada. First, your application will be reviewed at the District Council level to ensure that it is complete, the appropriate requirements are satisfied and qualifications are met. If the District Council formally endorses the application, then the application is sent to the National Office for processing. Your membership application must be complete when you submit it to your District Council. An incomplete application will be returned to you to be satisfactorily completed.

Following the District Council review, your application will be forwarded to the National Office where, if everything is complete and satisfies the criteria you will be given a Membership ID number and formally recognized by the Membership and Training Committee.

Please note that some of the benefits of DGC Membership (e.g. health plan) will not start until you officially become a Member of the DGC.

Please contact your DGC District Council if you have any questions about the application procedures, or if you believe that you have special circumstances that would affect your application. If you are a Canadian citizen not ordinarily residing in Canada, and would like more information on joining the Directors Guild of Canada, please contact:

National Membership Department
Phone: 416.925.8200
Toll-Free: 1-888-972-0098
Toll-Free French Language: 1-855-904-1880


There are two sets of Membership Dues: New Membership Dues, which are payable upon successful application to the DGC, and Annual Membership Dues. Please contact your DGC District Council to verify the Membership Dues structure.

Upgrade qualifications

Once you have gained work experience in a different category, you may initiate an upgrade. Upgrades are reviewed in the same manner as applications. You are not restricted to work only within your job category. If you work in a higher category, and have exceeded the requirements to upgrade to that category the District Council may initiate an upgrade for you. Work credits are appraised by other Members.

Membership staff may assist in determining your eligibility. To qualify for an upgrade, a candidate must have worked the required number of days in the specified category on DGC signed or sanctioned productions. A body of work must include 3 separate productions. Applications for upgrade must be obtained through your relevant District Council. All DGC signatory productions, CBC productions, NFB productions, foreign credits, and non-signatory productions granted dispensation by the Guild, including 20 days in Commercials or 20 days in Music Videos, will be credited towards an upgrade.

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