2nd Unit Director
1st Assistant Director
2nd Assistant Director
3rd Assistant Director
Trainee Assistant Director
Production Accountant
1st Assistant Accountant
2nd Assistant Accountant
Accounting Clerk
Trainee Accountant
Production Designer
Art Director (Head)
Art Director
1st Assistant Art Director/Set Designer
2nd Assistant Art Director
Art Department Trainee
Production Manager
Assistant Production Manager/Unit Manager
Production Coordinator
Assistant Production Coordinator
Trainee Production Coordinator
Location Manager
Assistant Location Manager/Location Scout
Trainee Location Manager
Supervising Picture Editor
Picture Editor
1st Assistant Picture Editor
Assistant Picture Editor per 11.35(c)
Assistant Picture Editor
Trainee Assistant Picture Editor
Supervising Sound Editor
Sound Editor
1st Assistant Sound Editor
2nd Assistant Sound Editor
Trainee Assistant Sound Editor
Technical Coordinator
Production Assistant


The Alberta District Council of the Directors Guild of Canada:

  • serves and promotes its membership in negotiating and enforcing collective agreements that regulate and deliver fair and equitable pay rates and safe working conditions
  • provides an attractive benefit plan for its members
  • offers mobility for members to work anywhere in Canada
  • develops and maintains high professional industry standards
  • For all levels, from seasoned directors to young trainees, the Guild is dedicated to artistic excellence, employment opportunity and economic well-being.


The DGC takes action at three levels:

  1. The DGC supports and facilitates member employment opportunity and represents all member interests with regard to both the immediate work environments and future concerns as a labour force.
  2. The DGC substantially expands the creative opportunities and potential of its current growing membership. The DGC’s logistical infrastructure provides comprehensive training and development mechanisms within the context of emerging technologies. These initiatives cultivate a high level of professionalism and promote spirit of collaboration in an extended creative community.
  3. The DGC is a visionary leader and partner in the development of the international Canadian film and television industry at a policy and professional level. This evolving and multi-faceted Canadian film and television industry will be vibrant, confident and world-recognized for excellence in storytelling from a unique perspective.

For the November Declaration, please click here.

For the DGC Alberta Constitution & Bylaws please click here.

For the DGC National Constitution, please click here.