*DGC Credits only.

Rust City

Feature 2019, Location Scout - Daily

Jumanji 2 - Unit Shoot

Feature 2019, Location Scout - Daily

Young Drunk Punk

TV Series 2014, Location Manager

Cut Bank

Feature 2013, Location Scout - daily

Sex and Sunsets aka The Right Kind of Wrong

Feature 2012, Location Scout - daily

Survival Code (Borealis)

TV Pilot 2011, Location Manager

Lloyd the Conqueror (Dispensated)

Feature 2010, Location Manager

Angels Crest

Feature 2009, Location Scout - daily

12 Men of Christmas

TV Movie 2009, Location Scout - daily

Wild Roses Season 1

TV Series 2008, Location Scout

Burn Up

Mini-Series 2007, Location Manager


TV Pilot 2006, Location Manager


TV Series 2006, Location Manager

Friend of the Family

TV Movie 2004, Location Manager

Shoebox Zoo

TV Series 2004, Location Manager

Asylum aka Chasing Freedom

TV Movie 2003, Location Manager



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