The Directors Guild of Canada and the DGC Atlantic Region Council issued the following statement today regarding proposals to support Nova Scotia’s screen-based production industry. 

“In 2015, in the wake of the government killing the production tax credit, we saw the hours worked by our members drop by 50%,” said Atlantic Regional Chair Jennifer Stewart. “Likewise, the total spent on production in the province dropped by almost the same – 44% – while the industry across Canada grew by 17%.”

“As for campaign proposals: Of course, if any government wanted to bring back a labour-based tax credit system, we’d work with them on that. But more than anything, what the industry needs is a system that’s predictable and stable. Even after the new incentive system was brought in, Nova Scotia was still left out of Variety magazine’s map of international jurisdictions with film incentives. Getting left out of the leading worldwide industry trade publication is the sort of uncertainty that we are having to combat. Despite these challenges make no mistake, Nova Scotia is open for business."

DGC National President Tim Southam added: “Nova Scotia's production tax credit really reflected the industry standard and best practices nationwide. We were baffled that in 2015, at a time when the industry was booming across Canada, the government in Nova Scotia put the industry to sleep by killing their provincial tax credit. The province has really lost out as a result.”